Chasing fall

Chasing fall
I’m chasing after fall extra hard this year, but so far, like an unrequited love, it’s been brushing me off. Maybe it just feels that way because I’m living in a new city without many places nearby where I can crunch a path through the leaves and take in their vibrant colours.

And without a car, my millennial need to get Instagram photo-ops at pumpkin patches, apple farms and fall fairs is at the mercy of how long I want to spend on public transit. I’m not sure even a close-up of the rubiest-red candy apple held up against a pumpkin patch at sunset is worth a two-hour plus trip.

But I really blame the yet-to-arrive crisp, cool fall weather that makes autumn so perfect. While I would love to be bundled up in my favourite over-sized scarf that at once makes me look both chic and like the victim of a woolly boa constrictor, I could do without heat stroke.

So far, fall has been hotter here in New York than some days we had in the summer. The temperatures are supposed to drop from pavement sizzling to not-quite-so-sweaty in the next few days. I guess I’ll be chasing sweater weather for another few weeks.

Maybe I should be more patient and remember all good things come in due time. It’s only the first week of fall. I should enjoy these last (sweaty) drops of summer before they’re gone for another year; be thankful I can still walk around in flip flops, knowing that in far too soon I’ll be cursing the inevitable slushy, salt-stained days of winter.

But after three months of hot summer temperatures I’m ready for a change. Come September, I’m done with shorts, jumpers and tanks. Goodbye, white sneakers, greasy sunscreen and sweaty sunglass marks on the bridge of my nose. Instead, I want cozy plaid blankets, my favourite fall jacket, ankle booties, colourful leaves and something cinnamony and sweet to eat.

So since I can’t find fall outside yet, I’ve created it inside. I’ve pulled out my favourite chestnut and clove-scented candle, stocked up on spiced apple chai tea and picked out some pumpkin-y treats to bake. Oh, and I’m blasting the air conditioning. How else am I going to survive wearing chunky knits and wool socks?

Happy Fall!