How I reached my dessert goals

How my dessert dreams came true at Dessert Goals
Last weekend my wildest dessert dreams came true. I got to enjoy some of New York’s best sweet eats all in one place at Dessert Goals, a festival celebrating all things sugary and decadent.

The festival featured enough sweets to satisfy every sugar craving possible from ice cream sandwiches, Churro S’mores and cookie pies to banana pudding, dragon fruit bowls and Taiwanese pineapple tarts. This was not your mama’s afternoon coffeecake date with the lady down the street.

All the decadent details

I wish I could say I tried EVERYTHING at Dessert Goals, but my belly and my husband reigned me, so I sampled as much as I could and stopped just before falling into a sugar coma.

The first thing I tried was Underwest Donuts’ Funfetti cake doughnut, topped with fluffy salted caramel cotton candy and made exclusively for Dessert Goals. The cake was nice and moist and had a delicious cinnamony-spice flavour.

Funfetti doughnut at Dessert Goals festival

I love when dessert looks like a masterpiece. Rebecca’s Cake Pops and Stache of Goods’ macarons are little pieces of art, making them almost too pretty to eat.

Ice cream cone cake pop at Dessert Goals festival

Panda bear macaron at Dessert Goals festival

Mermaid cake pop at Dessert Goals festival

Unicorn macaron at Dessert Goals festival

I had seen pictures of Taiyaki NYC’s famous fish-shaped waffles filled with soft-serve all over Instagram, so I had to try one. Well, it turns out I don’t like matcha-flavoured ice cream, but I did love how they cooked the waffle in front of me. Plus, those little fishies are so cute.

Fish-shaped waffle and ice cream at Dessert Goals festival

Silk Cakes’ Sakura Blossom Cake is how spring would taste if it was served on a plate. The strawberry and white chocolate mousse filling were perfectly fluffy and creamy.

Sakura Blossom Cake at Dessert Goals festival

Whoever at Boqueria decided to take two delicious treats – churros and s’mores – and put them together should win a Nobel Prize in dessert-making. Their Churro S’more was messy and gooey and left me happy to be licking cinnamon sugar off my lips.

Churro S'more at Dessert Goals festival

Extra goodies

Devouring these desserts was pure bliss, but the icing on the cake was getting to take pics of all of my treats in the gorgeous Dessert Goals Instagram garden (featuring a swoon-worthy display by Viva La Juicy Sucré perfume and Bustle) and getting FREE candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar! #dessertdreamscometrue

Hanging out in the Dessert Goals Instagram garden

Instagram garden at Dessert Goals