Goodbye Toronto

Read my farewell letter to Toronto. Grab a tissue!
A It’s been a month since my last post, which is also when I started wearing even more black than usual. It’s because I’m in mourning.

After four years of living in Toronto, I said goodbye to this place and started preparing for the next adventure. Our move to the US is finally happening.

So last month, while I sat in my condo reluctantly debating what to sell and what to keep, wrapping dishes and taping boxes, I decided to give my favourite city a proper goodbye in the form of a farewell love letter.

Dear Toronto,

Where do I begin? (sigh)

You captured my heart from the start. Growing up, you were my biggest crush.

The thrill of your giant glass towers and bright lights, the Ex, Blue Jay games, Eaton Centre shopping days, fancy restaurants and Broadway-worthy shows was always worth the long drive in. You made me feel like the future held something big and exciting for me and that anything was possible.

And then there was your perfect style – traditional and modern, chaotic yet clean. You checked all my boxes.

So when I grew up and was lucky enough to make you my home I was beyond excited, but a little nervous too. What if you disappointed me? We know what happened when Katie Holmes married her teenage crush.

But you came through. You were everything I hoped you would be, without the crazy couch jumping and Scientology, because you are a city for all people.

You gave me electrifying Saturday night vibes on King West, fed my fascination with Hollywood through TIFF and offered the best way to welcome summer with the whimsical patio at El Catrin.

You made me feel like I stepped back in time at Casa Loma, travelled to a European fairytale at the Distillery District’s Christmas market and found a little slice of cottage country on Toronto Island.

Queen West was my wonderland for people watching and shopping for pretty things. The ROM and Nuit Blanche sparked my curiosity, the Blue Jays charmed me into cheering through nine innings and the Raptors, well, they always had me; Drake was just the cherry on top.

Your incredible food scene gave my taste buds the foodie experiences they craved. You introduced me to mouth-watering Patatas Bravas, Babi Guling and carbon crust pizza; Pisco Sour cocktails and Prosecco; Lemon Bergamot Meringue éclairs and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Pie doughnuts.

And when I couldn’t sleep, I was lucky to have the CN Tower in my backyard, standing tall like a guardian over the city, captivating me with its spectacular lightshow and filling me with pride for the 6ix.

But the best thing you gave me I get to take with me – my husband. You are where we met and where we first shared our hopes and dreams with each other, where we planned our wedding and where we had our first home together.

Toronto, thank you for all you’ve given me; I’ll miss you and while I can’t promise we’ll have another love affair like this one, I can promise I’ll be back for weekend flings.